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Крем для душа Twilly d’Hermès Le Bain

Крем для душа Twilly d’Hermès Le Bain

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Twilly d’Hermès Eau de Parfum: https://jland.partners/3pUGTJO
Twilly d’Hermès Eau de Parfum Gift Set: https://bit.ly/31Xzdyb
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Perfumes in this video (North America)…
Twilly d’Hermès Eau de Parfum: https://amzn.to/3ykOiFS
Twilly d’Hermès Eau de Parfum Gift Set: https://amzn.to/3s3tmCs
Twilly d’Hermès Eau Poivrée: https://amzn.to/30nBz95
Twilly d’Hermès Eau Ginger: https://john-lewis-and-partners.pxf.io/Ea2qBe

Perfumes in this video (Australia)…
Twilly d’Hermès Eau de Parfum: https://amzn.to/3oNYZ0K
Twilly d’Hermès Eau Poivrée: https://amzn.to/3dTvHqZ

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Hermes Twilly D’Hermes Eau Ginger perfume review on Persolaise Love At First Scent episode 205

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Episode 205 of Love At First Scent

This was a YouTube Live broadcast streamed on Tuesday 13th July 2021. Unscripted. Unedited. Unrehearsed.

This episode was a review of the new Twilly D’Hermes Eau Ginger, composed Christine Nagel.

Introduction 0:00
Twilly D’Hermes 2:16
Twilly D’Hermes Eau Ginger 3:47

Here’s the blotter update:

— It’s been fascinating comparing the blotters for the original Twilly and this new flanker, because they become more and more similar to each other as they reach their drydown, although the original is always markedly edgier, quirkier and more interesting. Eau Ginger remains ‘generically pleasant’ throughout its development and its certainly the lightest, breeziest and least demanding of the three Twillys.

Thanks for watching.

[Sample provided by the brand.]

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3 Best Hermes Twilly Perfumes [Full Review]

Best Hermes Twilly Perfumes Review:

Today @vioralondon fully tests 3 popular Hermes Twilly perfumes. Each Twilly fragrance in this review is giver a thorough test and review. There can only be one winner, so wat to the end!

00:00​​​​ Intro
00:06 Twilly Eau Ginger EDP
02:40 Twilly Eau Poivree EDP
05:43 Twilly (Original) EDP
08:18 Our Top Pick

Written Article:

Twilly Eau Ginger EDP — Notes:

Top Notes

Middle Notes
Candied Ginger

Base Notes

Twilly Eau Poivree EDP — Notes:

Top Notes
Pink Pepper Corns

Middle Notes

Base Notes

Twilly (Original) EDP — Notes:

Top Notes
Ginger, Citrus

Middle Notes
Tuberose, Jasmine, Orange Blossom

Base Notes
Vanilla, Sandalwood


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Unboxing Video: Twilly d’Hermès


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