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Дезодорант-спрей Twilly d’Hermès Le Bain

Дезодорант-спрей Twilly d’Hermès Le Bain

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Top 4 BEST Terre D’Hermes Fragrances Ranked #Shorts

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Hermes Twilly Eau Poivrée perfume review on Persolaise Love At First Scent — Episode 43

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Episode 43 of Love At First Scent

This was a YouTube Live broadcast streamed on Wednesday 2 October 2019. Unscripted. Unedited. Unrehearsed.

In this episode, I covered Hermes Twilly Eau Poivree, composed by Christine Nagel.

Here’s the blotter update:

— Well, what can I say? I know Nagel is a brilliant perfumer, but I wasn’t expecting this flanker to have quite so much personality, so much life. Its drydown focuses on a gorgeously clean, luminous patchouli, which just accentuates the old-school charm running through the whole, while bolstering the floral notes in the heart. Without question, one of the most praiseworthy mainstream releases I’ve smelt this year. INTERESTING NOTE: On skin, the pepper aspect is much less distinct. You can smell its effect, but it doesn’t leap out quite as it does on paper.

Thanks again for watching.

[Sample provided by Hermes.]

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Which Twilly are you? #hermes #twilly

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